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God and Country

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Our forefathers understood the wisdom in the concept of separation of Church and State. That wisdom is evident in the recent political turmoil taking place in this country. Throughout history the politics of the church have greatly influenced the history of mankind. The Emperor Constantine foresaw the rise of Christianity as a means to usurp political power for Rome. Instead of feeding Christians to the lions, he had a revelation that he could control these masses through a pontiff and make Rome the center of the political universe. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

In more recent times, politics from the pulpit took shape in the forms of radicals like Father Coghlin, demagogue of the great Depression, and Reverend Billy James Hargis, agitator for the religious right. These men were the nemesis of Franklin Roosevelt and JFK respectively. Coghlin's message was laced with pro-Nazi rhetoric using Catholicism as his ideological base. Hargis was an Evangelist preacher who championed segregation and anti-Communism. It is of no surprise that Hargis was financially supported by wealthy Texas oilman H.L. Hunt. Both of these bible thumping orators used radio as a vehicle to enhance their power and the range of their audiences. Other influential religious leaders who played a political role in modern times were Martin Luther King, Fulton J. Sheen, Billy Graham and Malcom X to name a few.

The Devil's Advocate

During the Cold War, Allen Dulles saw the upside of the power and usefulness of churches as sources of intelligence and information. In addition he astutely perceived their potential to accumulate money through fundraising without accounting for it. Laundering dirty money played an important role in the funding of illegal and clandestine operations. An example of this technique is the use of the Vatican to launder mafia drug money in the war against Communism and Operation GLADIO. Dulles was aware of the seclusion the churches could offer as safe-houses and fronts for crusades and propaganda. Free from taxation and government control of any kind, these churches were ideal tools for the CIA to use in its nefarious projects. They had no one to answer to. No one to exorcise the demon that possessed them, Allen Dulles. Churches that can be linked to the Dulles agenda are the Unitarians, Quakers, as well as the Old World Churches.

Friendly Persuasion

In my research of Robert Webster,

- I became intrigued by the persistent presence of Quakers

- in the mysterious world of Lee Harvey Oswald. Richard Nixon, a Quaker, was in Dallas on the day of the assassination. At one time, Jack Ruby worked for Nixon as well as for LBJ. Robert Webster was apparently of the Quaker faith. Ruth Paine was a Quaker and she asked a fellow Quaker, Ruth Kloepfer, to check on the Oswalds while they were in New Orleans. Kloepfer's husband was a professor a Tulane University. Oswald reportedly passed out FPCC leaflets near the homes of professors at Tulane who were members of leftist groups. When Oswald was in Mexico City he reportedly made contacts with Quakers studying at the Autonomous University. One Quaker student at the University was an active agent of the CIA at the time. Another Quaker, Priscilla McMillan, got an exclusive interview with Oswald when he was in Moscow and later befriended Marina after the assassination to collaborate on the book “Marina and Lee.” Wealthy main line Quaker and philanthropist, Dr. Dee Dee Sharples, later a Temple University Trustee, was once married to George de Mohrenschildt, one of the accused assassin’s best friends. As George Michael Evica observed, “Over the years, Allen Dulles and the OSS/CIA used the Quakers, the Unitarians, the World Council of Churches and other religious groups as sources of intelligence and information. The Unitarian Church was the mainstay of the Albert Schweitzer College.”

- Oswald registered at Schweitzer and used it as a reason for travel to Europe in the fall of 1959. However, he never showed up.

William Lowery, Dallas' answer to Herb Philbrick, was a Unitarian. He ran a shoe store near the Texas Theater. Oswald's Marine Corps buddy, Kerry Thornley and CIA mercenary, Gerald Patrick Hemming were both Unitarians. As noted by George Michael Evica, the Unitarian Church was the pillar supporting the Albert Schweitzer College and Patrice Lumumba University. Oswald applied to both.

Another suspicious example of the connection of religion to the JFK assassination is the Abundant Life Temple in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. After breaking the world record for the mile, killing Tippit, and escaping the

- The Other Oswald, A wilderness of Mirrors, Gary Hill, TrineDay 2020.

- Also popping up were Trotskyites: George Lyman Paine, Harold Isaacs, Harry Power etc.

- A Certain Arrogance, George Michael Evica, p.72

scene of the murder, Oswald, or whoever the shooter of Tippit was, reportedly was seen entering this church. Dallas Police were about to search the building when they were called to the Texas Theater.

Author Eric Tagg labels these “old church” organizations as “a clandestine substructure developed to serve the intelligence community's concept of

national security.

Tagg continues; “ all churches they are virtually free from official inquiry by virtue of the Constitution, not to mention American custom. The “ministers” and “bishops” can accumulate money (religious fund-raising) without serious inquiry as to the source, ...they are free to operate in relative seclusion from the expected social involvements, free to engage in obscure crusades or missions........they may actually be a home structure for the particular church, one would have the most natural of safe-houses.”

Was the Abundant Life Temple a safe-house where the real shooter of J.D. Tippit found sanctuary? David Ferrie was a “priest” in the Old Orthodox Catholic Church. His vestments were found in his apartment after his death. Guy Banister's investigator, Jack Martin, was also a member of the Old Orthodox Catholic Church clergy and he encouraged Thomas Beckham to join and be ordained as well. Later “Bishop” Thomas Beckham set up his own obscure ministry in the Holy Orthodox Christian Church. Fred Chrisman was a minister in the non-existent Universal Life Church.

- An employee of Jack Ruby and an Oswald look alike, Larry Crafard, was affiliated with the General Assembly and the Church of the First Born.” Is it yet another coincidence that five peripheral characters in the JFK assassination story just happen to be members of “Old Church” ordination mills? Beckham, it seems, was a patsy and later concluded that his “Old Catholic Church” was just a front for a group of Cuban Exiles.

John Bowen was affiliated with the Council of Christian Churches. Bowen was an apparently self ordained minister who ran several missions in Mexico and founded “The Campfire Council” a youth group that promoted fascist ideologies.

- Bowen was also known as Albert Osborne and it was he who sat next to

Oswald or his impersonator on a bus to Mexico City. He was also rumored to have run a school training assassins in Mexico.

United Missions of America, a Texas Corporation located in Dallas and represented by O.B. Graham (president) purchased the Oak Cliff Christian Church in April 1962 and renamed it the Abundant Life Temple. One of the incorporators of the United Missions of America was Walter C. Tucker. Tucker was a mechanic with the Continental Trailways which was located across the Stemmons Expressway from the TSBD. Continental Trailways also employed a man named Kenneth Cosy as a bus driver. Cosy's telephone number (FR5-5591) appears twice on the last page of Lee Oswald's notebook.

What is evident here is that by the 1960's, the CIA had become a cancer that invaded every aspect of society. Law enforcement, churches, businesses, media, military, mafioso and drug cartels were all either used as fronts or as

- Brush With History, Eric R.Tagg p154

- Beckham and Crisman were subpoenaed by Jim Garrison to testify in the Clay Shaw trial.

- For a complete biography of Osborne/Bowen see-

- Brush With History, Eric Tagg, p157-158

tools in the Cold War. This web of military-industrial machinery implemented mercenaries, gun runners and drug dealers to overthrow governments and wage illegal wars. The masterminds of this evil empire were the Dulles brothers. To them world politics was a parlor game in which they manipulated world events as if they were pawns on the devil's chessboard.

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