Sorry to report the death of Shirley Miller Webster, widow of Robert Webster.
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“Gary Hill expands on his research on the Rand Development Corporation and demonstrates just how much we can learn by understanding the organizations to which Oswald and other of the main characters are linked.”
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“The Other Oswald” explores the world of counterintelligence during the Cold War — in particular, the shadowy figure of Lee Harvey Oswald and his intelligence clone, Robert Edward Webster, who were used as espionage “dangles.”
MKULTRA document proving H.J. Rand Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio was part of MKULTRA sub project 79 between 1957 and 1962 as a "cut-out" for funding of research.
Update on the registry of Thomas Vallee's Ford Falcon license plate.
There is a lot of confusion in the results of the searches done on Thomas Vallee's plate (#311-ORF) and it's being registered to Lee Harvey Oswald (see chapter 7).
First, Luke Hester of NBC did a search through his father-in-law, retired NYC policeman, Hugh Larkin. That one ended up a dead end. He found it "frozen" and available only to the FBI. Larkin's daughter-in-law's subsequent search obtained an address corresponding to a vacant lot on Long Island, NY. 
At some point, White House news photographer, Ed McCarthy investigated it and found it registered to Lee Harvey Oswald. This was long before Oswald's name was known to the public. 
A search of the National Archives in Washington found the plate registered to Oswald also. Sherman Skolnick's trace on the plate also came up with the Oswald registration. NBC news director William Corley did a trace and got the "freeze" result that Hugh Larkin had gotten. 
The Ed McCarthy and Sherman Skolnick investigations both obtained the "Lee Oswald" result. Likewise, Hugh Larkin and William Corley both received the "frozen" designation. The "vacant lot" result of Larkin's daughter-in-law adds a third possibility into the sordid mix. This seems to be an intentional muddying of the waters, an indication of an intelligence operation. More research may be necessary to sort these contradictions out. If just an innocent bureaucratic error, why the designation of "frozen" and available to only the FBI? If there is an innocent explanation why the cover-up and secrecy?
A wilderness of mirrors.
Here is an article from the Youngstown Vindicator, Dec. 8, 1963. In it is a quote from Oswald's supervisor, Roy Truly, proving that contrary to the Warren Commission's conclusion, Oswald wasn't the only one missing from the Texas Schoolbook Depository after the assassination of JFK.
In chapter 14, "Perhaps in Your Lifetime," I briefly touched on the possibility that James Angleton was somehow involved in the CIA/Mafia plots to kill Castro. What got me interested in this possibility was that John Whitten asked Col. J.C. King, Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division at the time, why Angelton forbade the arrest of mobsters in Cuba. King said that Angelton had ties to the mob and that it had something to do with Cuba. Could this be the CIA/Mafia plots to kill Castro? If so, Angleton was involved behind the scenes.
Recently I found further proof of this while reading "Handsome Johnny," by Lee Server. On page 334 Server tells of a meeting between Joe Kennedy, Sam Giancana and John Rosselli. The purpose of the meeting, requested by Kennedy, was to gain the support of the mob in helping get his son Jack elected in 1960. Specifically to influence the Illinois vote. Also present at this meeting was a lawyer named Mario Brod. Brod was present to represent the interests of Jimmy Hoffa. What the others present didn't know was the Brod was an undercover CIA operattive working for James Angleton. A former OSS operative, Brod's job was that of an underworld penetration agent.