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Book of Revelations

●     What was the connection between Ruth Paine's sister and an Air Force project involving Robert E. Webster?

●     How were red Ford Falcons used as red herrings in the assassination investigation?

●     Why were their duplicates of nearly all the evidence against Oswald?

●     Was Herb Philbrick's Dallas clone, William Lowery, the key to Lee Harvey Oswald's role in the assassination?

●     Why does Collins Radio appear everywhere behind the scenes in the assassination story?

●     What was Jack Ruby's role in the Tippit shooting and why were nearly all the witnesses of the event connected to him and his strippers?

●     Who was behind efforts to kill JFK in Chicago and Tampa in the weeks preceding the Dallas coup?

●     Who was June Cobb and what was her role in the Mexico City charade?

●     Who was using doubles to incriminate Oswald prior to November 22, 1963?

●     What role did Corsican assassins, PERMINDEX, QJWIN and ZRRIFLE play in the assassination waltz?

●     What role did Ruth and Michael Paine, George deMohrenschildt and Albert Osborne play in the destiny of LHO?

●     Was Robert Webster being manipulated by CIA front Rand Development Corporation as well as Air Force Intelligence in an espionage game?

●     What evidence is there that Oswald and Webster were being manipulated by MKULTRA?

●     Was James Jesus Angleton using Oswald and Webster as vest pocket singleton agents in his own private game of counterintelligence designed to carry on a mole-hunt?

●     What was the role of John Thomas Mason and the house on Harlandale street?

●     Was Oswald working for RFK in his quest to have the FBI stop the CIA's exile raids on Cuba?

●     How was Oswald's mysterious cousin, Marilyn Murrett, tied to Oswald's defection?

●     Is it a coincidence that the much  of the crucial evidence against Oswald came from anonymous sources?


Author Gary Hill (right) with Robert Webster's son Scott and Pat Hall, owner of the North Beckley Street Rooming house-once home of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

(photo taken at 1026 N. Beckley in Dallas)

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