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"The Other Oswald"

A Wilderness of Mirrors

The Other Oswald

A Wilderness of Mirrors

This book is the story of two men who began an odyssey together that became a thread, which when unraveled, reveals how cold war paranoia escalated into the death of a president. Robert Edward Webster and Lee Harvey Oswald were manipulated like marionettes on strings of espionage. Unraveling these strings (or threads) may lead us to the puppeteers controlling them. Were these “controllers” orchestrating a series of events that would lead to JFK's assassination?

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Preface by Bill Simpich

Bill Simpich & Author

Bill Simpich is a civil rights attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is on the board of directors of the Mary Ferrell Foundation, an organization focused on the study of documents related to the 1960s assassinations, Watergate, and Iran-Contra. His book, State Secrets, deals with Oswald and Webster's defection.

Foreward by Dr. Walt Brown

Walt Brown & Author

Walt Brown is a former special agent of the Justice Department. He received his P.H.D. In American History from the University of Notre Dame. He was also an Adjunct Professor of American History at Ramapo College, New Jersey. He is the author of The People v. Lee Harvey Oswald, and Treachery in Dallas. He is also the editor of JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly.

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